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Anyone know about ‘green’ sex toys?

Question by Rachel: Anyone know about ‘green’ sex toys? Is there such a thing as green sex toys? Best answer: Answer by LauraYes, there are sex toys that can be recycled and most importantly that are non-toxic to humans. Many people are not aware of this, but you can absorb the toxins from toxic sex toys into your body. That is why it is important to use ones that are made from non-toxic materials, and certainly it is a bonus to use ones that can also be recycled easily. Believe it or not there is a green sex toy company that has become my favorite web site. You should check them out if you are over 18- Also, here is an article from their site about green sex toys- Give your answer to this question below!

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were can i buy sex toys around manila?

Question by Rommel: were can i buy sex toys around manila? were can i find sex toys around manila? Best answer: Answer by Jennifer StoksonYou can buy a quality Adult Sex toy around manila in any Department store,Malate Manila or in the Metro walk also near Robinson. You can shop in a technologically safe & secure Adult Sex Toy. What do you think? Answer below!

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Q&A: are phthalate free sex toys safe?

Question by isabella: are phthalate free sex toys safe? what’s your opinion on popular sex toy materials like PVC? even if it says phthalate free, do you think its still safe? or is better to choose a safer material like silicon? Best answer: Answer by Enrique AraujoPhthalates are a class of chemical plasticizers that are frequently added to the plastics used in sex toys (particularly PVC) to increase their flexibility, resulting in a softer, “squishier” feel to the toy material. No safety regulations currently exist for the sex toy industry, which means that any “phthalate-free” claims that adorn sex toy packaging are unverified and may be false. Even though Silicone toys can be a little more expensive, Silicone is soft and lifelike, it is hypo-allergenic, and it warms up quickly to body temperature. It is non-porous and so is easy to clean with mild soap and water It may also be boiled for sterilization to allow for sex-toy sharing without the need for condoms. If you like, you can check, that’s were we get all our toys. The are very discreet, have great prices and awesome costumer service that can help you choose the best for you. Know better? ...

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Q&A: How to make home made sex toys?

Question by Doofinshmirtz: How to make home made sex toys? I mean like making them out of stuffs available in home. Best answer: Answer by jules vaneThe Fridge is loaded! Use your imagination. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Lesbian sex toys creep me out?

Question by Jessica: Lesbian sex toys creep me out? Seriously….plastic and silicone what the hell? I don’t mean to sound like a prude, I just think those would be extremely awkward. I read some lesbian book the other day. It kind of sounded like lesbian romantic relationships were defined by sex toys and I think that’s way off. So are there any other gays/lesbians that are against the use of these “toys” and prefer to go all natural? Best answer: Answer by Tim2312When we are kids our first impulse is not to share our toys, it may not be great at the time but later in life it’s the way to go. So while I’m not against them I definitely say that when you’ve got the real deal use it. Give your answer to this question below!

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What are sex toys? SERIOUS!!!!!!?

Question by M&M: What are sex toys? SERIOUS!!!!!!? Please explain i am lost. this is a serious question!!!!!! PS remember you will never see me again so you can be brutally honest….! Best answer: Answer by M USex toys fall into a couple of types. By far the most common are devices that are used for masturbation. A vibrator is a sex toy. So is a fake penis (a dildo). There are other variations, but those are the two most common. These masturbation items are usually used by themselves, with no one around, but sometimes they are used as part of foreplay by couples The other kind of sex toy are items that are specifically intended to be used as part of sex between two people, Most couples either never use these sex toys or try them once or twice and then decide they are more trouble than they are worth. After all, nature gave people the two greatest sex toys of all time–penises and vaginas. We also come equipped with extra toys like breasts and balls. Most people spend their whole lives playing with each other’s toys and don’t need to buy any in a store. 😉 However, there ...

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best place to buy vibrators/sex toys?

Question by : best place to buy vibrators/sex toys? best kind of sex toy/vibrator for a ‘beginner’? for use on their own. and wheres the best place to buy them cheapish where my parents wont find out if its delievered? 🙂 I’m in my mid teens, so approaching my parents about it is a no go, since theres already arguments about my boyfriend.. aha.. im from the uk too so uk shops if possible? Best answer: Answer by StefanieIf you don’t want them to know you’ve bought any Sex Toys. Instead of having it delivered why wont you visit the store Spencer’s? That store has many sex toys! Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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